WRENsoars! Buckle up.. this could cause you to take flight!   

Join us MARCH 20th & 21st, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona a women's event navigating how to fly together!  DAY 1: Classroom learning about Apartments, Development, Hotels, Storage Units and how to structure the deal and finance them. Designed to develop and educate women leaders ready for advancement!  DAY 2: Bus Tour around Phoenix of LIVE case studies, hear the stories about how all these deals are structured.


You will be getting first-hand knowledge of women sponsoring Apartment buildings, owning Hotels, doing ground-up construction of luxury homes, storage units, and more! 

Let’s face it, unique challenges require unique solutions to meet the demands women face in real estate learn from others that have gone before you!


Experience a great time in Phoenix, AZ.  Hang out with other like-minded women who are getting the larger deals done. Scroll down to check out our speakers.

Walk properties on Day 2 and hear the stories behind them.

Stay with us at our hotel of choice. Our hotel information is below by the Agenda.

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The SOAR experience will be truly transformational!
Education, Networking and a Bus Tour, this event has it all!

Engaging Learning Experience


High Impact and Immersive Curriculum - Get exposure to diverse women investors willing to share their knowledge, insights, and inspiration.


Enhanced Networks - Be with Women leaders and have the opportunity to form powerful strategic alliances with them. 


Diverse Asset Classes - At this event you will learn about several assets classes; Apartments, Development of Luxury Single Family homes, Hotels, Storage Units and more!

March 20th & 21st  in Phoenix, AZ

Join us for an amazing opportunity!

The event will be held at: Cambria Hotel Phoenix - Downtown  222 East Portland Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004 Tel. (602) 675-4102

Here is the link to the group block of rooms: https://www.choicehotels.com/reservations/groups/RX47F6

DAY ONE (March 20th) 
A Day of Masterminding!

An Intimate Tell-All Gathering

Meet a group of POWERFUL women who have already gone BIG and are willing to share their stories, experiences, and knowledge with you!

Learn about Apartment investing from a woman that has secured 1000's of doors. Learn about developing Luxury homes and visit several that are under construction. Learn about Hotel investing from someone that owns 5 right there in Arizona.  Listen about one women's Storage Unit investing that now has over 15 facilities!

9:00am (Optional Event) Morning Meditation
9:30am Welcome10:00am Marking the Shift - Courtney Jones
10:30am Success in Self-Storage - Terri Garner
11:30am A Girl Who Loves Lumber (SFR Development) - Rachelle Day
12:00pm Lunch (Hosted)
1:30pm Legally Raising Private Money - Kim Lisa Taylor
2:30pm Financial Resources - Maggie DeChillo
2:45pm How to Tap Into a $40 Trillion Pool of Funds for Your Deals - Karen Hall
3:00pm The Real Deal: Multifamily Real Estate Walkthrough - Elisa Zhang
4:00pm Big Buy, Big Profits in Hotels - Jennifer Maldonado
5:15pm Closing Remarks
5:30pm End

DAY TWO (March 21st)
Real Estate Bus Tour! 

It's a LIVE case study! 

We will visit real estate projects; Apartments, Luxury Home Developments, Hotels and more. We will speak with the sponsors of these properties and get the details of the purchases.

Round trip from Cambria Hotel with stops at:

  • Storage Units currently on the Market
  • 240 Door Apartment Complex Recently Acquired
  • Lunch at Airport Hotel and Restaurant 
  • Ground up Luxury Home Construction Sites 
    (Note, close toe shoe required)

8:30am Bus Loading: Cambria Hotel
9:00am Storage Unit - For Sale
10:00am Apartment Complex (240 doors) 
12:30pm Airport Hotel 2:30pm Build Site #1
3:30pm Build Site #24:30pm Back to Hotel
5:00pm Bus Unloading: Cambria Hotel


Terri Garner

Terri Garner, 
Storage Unit Investor

Elisa Zhang

Elisa Zhang, 
Apartment Investor

Rachelle Day

Rachelle Day, 
Developer, Real Estate 

Jennifer Maldonado

Jennifer Maldonado, 
Hotel Investor

Deborah Razo

Deborah Razo, Investor, Developer and Founder of WREN

Cortney Jones

Cortney Jones,
Coach & Creative Real Estate Investor 

Kaaren Hall

Kaaren Hall,
Self-Directed IRA Professional

Kim Hopkins

Kim Hopkins,
CEO Iron Peak Properties

@2022 Women's Real Estate Network